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Good morning all, I hope you get the chance to do some crafting this weekend. It’s been a very craft free week for for me which is quite unusual but I’ve had a terrible week and had no inspiration. Our beloved pug Baxter was taken ill on Monday morning and after spending several stressful days in intensive care at the vets subsequently died on Thursday. We are devastated (he was only 6) so as you can image, crafting has been the last thing on my mind.
Amongst the stress and the upset the new issue of Papercraft Inspirations came out which helped take my mind off things for a little, especially as I was looking forward to seeing my makes that were commissioned to show off the new Sew Lovely range from docrafts.

I’m loving this range, it’s a little crazy but works really well.

I made a very simple wreath for this card, they don’t just have to be for Christmas! It’s basically just some Big Bloomers cut up and glued together to form a wreath, simple. Why not give it a go?

I was lucky enough to get a four page spread in this magazine which is my biggest to date so as you can imagine I was really pleased to see it all in print, cards always look so much better when someone else photographs them!
Enjoy your weekend guys. I’m going to try and do something creative and remember all the wonderful times I had with my brilliant dog…..

Baxter the Splendid Pug……. July 2007 – January 2014 xxxxxxx


12 thoughts on “Papercraft Inspirations makes

  1. Hi ya. Im so sorry to hear about your fur baby. Big hugs.
    well done on the the big publishing. fab. I love your work and love seeing it in the mags as well as here.
    thank you for fab inspiration x

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